Flatclassroom Project:

Peer Review Sounding Board

We have been accepted as Peer Reviewers in The Flatclassroom Project which links students in seven different school across 5 different countries:
United States: Los Angeles County High School for the Arts (Barrie Becker)
United States: Mary Institute St Louis County Day School, Missouri (Elizabeth Helfant)
United States: Westwood Schools, Camilla, Georgia, USA (Vicki Davis)
Austria: Vienna International School (Barbara Stefanics)
China: Shanghai American School(Simon May)
State of Qatar: Qatar Academy, Doha (Julie Lindsay). Grade 10 MYP Technology. Class wiki
Australia: Presbyterian Ladies College, Melbourne (John Turner) PLC wiki work

The World Is Flat Collaborative Project

Note: Page references are from the newly revised and expanded edition of 'The World is Flat: A Brief History of the Twenty-First Century' by Thomas Friedman (3rd edition 2007). The Flat Classroom Project is featured in the new chapter called 'If it's not happening its because you're not doing it', pages 501-503. Further reading: The World is Flat from Wikipedia and The World is Flat Summary from Wikisummaries

2007 Project Outline

Building upon four of the six senses of the conceptual age from Dan Pink's Book, A Whole New Mind, the students will be working in pairs to create one video in each of three categories for each topic.

1) Design and Innovation
2) Story and Empathy
3) The Fun Factor (Play)


  • Students will work with a partner to create a digital story about their topic.
  • Students will be assigned (or select) one each of the following themes: design and innovation, story and empathy, and the fun factor.
    • Design and Innovation - Students will work to create and envision an innovation related to their topic.
    • Story and Empathy - A compelling narrative combining persuasion, communication, and self-understanding. This video will tell a story and cause the viewer to empathize with the characters.
    • The Fun Factor - Enjoyment, laughter, games, and humor are an essential part of the Conceptual Age because of their importance for our general well being. This video will highlight the fun aspects of technology that this trend enables or makes possible.

Peer Review

Our task is to review and comment on their wiki work and video work.
Our comments will be read both by these students and by some serious experts who are evaluating the project.
The main audience for our comments are the high school students.
We need to remember in our writing that they are working very hard to meet the judging criteria for the flatclassroom project.

Task I: Discussion

Considerations before we begin to Peer Review

These specifics must be shown in the wiki as part of the students' set criteria:

  1. Students must contribute equally to the wiki / show communication with each other (we can check the history pages/discussion tabs to verify this)
  2. The information on the wiki page is organised, easily understood and visually appealing
  3. Resources accessed must be listed and cited correctly, tagged and bookmarked

These specifics must be included in the video as part of the students' set criteria:

  1. Up to 50 word summary of the video (should make someone want to watch the video)
  2. Credits/Citations - At the end of the film, they do not count as part of the length of the final video
  3. Length of Outsourced Clip: 1-4 minutes (Outsourced means that it must come from another person not taking part in the project)
  4. Length of Final Movie: Up to 5 minutes (not including the credits)
    Those students who where part of the Horizon Project Peer Review, will each lead a group of reviewers for this Peer Review.

Graphic Organiser

We will use the 321 Graphic Organiser for our review comments.
Look at this example of how you can fill out your 321: 321 example

  • 3 good things about the wiki/video topic
  • 2 improvements for the wiki/video topic
  • 1 piece of new knowledge that your group has acquired due to these high school students participating in the Flatclassroom Project

Task II: Organisation of Topics for Peer Review

There are 11 topics. Each topic has the 3 categories - Design & Innovation; Story and Empathy; The Fun Factor (Play).
We will review a topic as a class to introduce and acquaint ourselves with the Review process.
Next we will split into 10 groups of 3 to review a topic each.
Section Wiki/Video Reviewed
Student Groups Providing Feedback
Your Feedback Pages

Group 6

Globalization and outsourcing
A- Design and Innovation
LA: Maegan
MI: PeggyN
WW: BrayannaB
B- Story and Empathy
WW: AndrewA Andrew A from GA USA
VIS: ChristophM
SAS: PattyH
C- The Fun Factor (Play)
QA: SaraD
LA: Malia
PLC: AnnabelleW
Ms H + Room18 students
Globalisation and Outsourcing Feedback


Connecting the world online
A- Design and Innovation
QA: RawanZ
WW: GillianF
LA: Amalia
B- Story and Empathy
SAS: JayetaR
LA: Nelson
VIS: TimothyB
VIS: KathleenB
C- The Fun Factor (Play)
WW: ColeyW
PLC: CatherineF
MI: AnthonyC
Dylan, Reid, Blair
Connecting the world online Feedback

Group 2

How the WWW has changed the world
A- Design and Innovation
QA: AmeeraA
MI: HannahC
WW: Jamie C.
B- Story and Empathy
VIS: OlenaB
VIS: MustafaC
LA: Ethan
WW: LindseyC
C- The Fun Factor (Play)
QA: Abdul AzizD
SAS: AdrianW
LA: Carmyn
Lyn, Ashleigh, Maddy
WWW World Change Feedback

Group 3

How workflow software has enhanced productivity and communication
A- Design and Innovation
LA: Cynthia
MI: DougC
B- Story and Empathy
QA: FatmaM
WW: GracieS
PLC: StephanieL
C- The Fun Factor (Play)
QA: TonyS
LA: Jessica
WW: JosephD
Kendra, Melita, Paige

Group 4

The changing shape of information
A- Design and Innovation
QA: SaraM
WW: SarahH
SAS: E.Lei Z
LA: Mike
B- Story and Empathy
VIS: DeniseD
VIS: GerbertG
WW: MitchB
C- The Fun Factor (Play)
LA: Jenny
PLC: StephanieO
MI: WalkerH
Marcus, Bailey, John
Changing Shape of Information Feedback

Group 5

Why we should be promoting Web 2.0 tools for sharing information
A- Design and Innovation
WW: TaylerB
PLC: LakshmiT
MI: ArainnaM
B- Story and Empathy
QA: MariamT
VIS: MilicaJ
VIS: DavidK
WW: BetsyB
C- The Fun Factor (Play)
SAS: PascalK
LA: Jake Fitch
WW: KristiW
Santana, Olivia, April
Web2.0 Tools Sharing Information Feedback

Group 7

Google takes over the world
A- Design and Innovation
LA: Fay
WW: KaitlynH
SAS: AndrewG
B- Story and Empathy
QA: YaraD
VIS: JosefH
VIS: GrantH
LA: Analisa
C- The Fun Factor (Play)
WW: IlissaT
MI: MichaelR
PLC: MariaK
Anaru, Adam, Josh
Google Feedback

Group 8

Personal learning environments and social networking
A- Design and Innovation
QA: SaraT
MI: ChrisW
WW: ChrisT
B- Story and Empathy
LA: Zak
WW: DustinW
VIS: JoannaC
VIS: KatiaD
C- The Fun Factor (Play)
LA: Scott
WW: LeeJ
PLC: CamillaF
Logan, Keegan & Taine
Personal Learning Environment Social Network Feedback

Group 9

Mobile and Ubiquitous
A- Design and Innovation
VIS: AmirV
SAS: ConstantinE
WW: DustinH
B- Story and Empathy
QA: AnneS
WW: KyndallT
PLC: NatashaR
C- The Fun Factor (Play)
QA: RayF
LA: Megan
MI: Chris Franklin

Mobile and Ubiquitous Feedback

Group 10

Virtual Communication
A- Design and Innovation
QA: PerolaL
WW: HilliaryJ
PLC: MeganL
MI: CindyG
B- Story and Empathy
VIS: AnnaK
WW: SaraAnnW
LA: Jesus
C- The Fun Factor (Play)
LA: Eli
SAS: PaulaN
VIS: PietroL
Emma, Carrie, Victoria
Virtual Communication Feedback

Group 11

Wireless connectivity
A- Design and Innovation
VIS: MariaM
LA: Stephanie
WW: TristanF
B- Story and Empathy
QA: AmirN
MI: MelissaG
SAS: VickiG
PLC: CassandraK
C- The Fun Factor (Play)
WW: SumnerW
VIS: ElizaU
LA: Deanna
Alex, Nick, Taylor
Wireless Connectivity Feedback